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1984 Alafaya Tr

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Oviedo, FL

Lash Lift 45 min $75

Never curl your lashes again. Put a curl in your lashes that lasts approximately 6 weeks. A great option for clients that cannot have eyelash extensions.

Lash Lift with Tint 75 min $95

The lash lift with adding tint. By adding the tint to your lash lift, you might be able to give up your mascara all together. 

Lash Tint 30 min $25

Brow Tint 30 min $25

Cut down the time on your makeup routine -  Just add tint to your lashes or brows


How soon can the client get the lashes/brows wet after the tint application?

  • The client should wait 24 hours


Aftercare Instructions for Client

  • Avoid for at least 48 hours

    • Sauna

    • Swimming pools

    • Beach Swimming

  • Try to use oil-free products around the eye area to prolong the color

  • Avoid using product on the eyelashes that require scrubbing that could strip the color from the lashes

  • Client should wait 24 hours before wearing mascara if tinted 

  • Mascara is not recommended; client may strip the color from the lashes with excessive cleansing/scrubbing

  • Water-based mascara is recommended to clients who still want to wear mascara after the service

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