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Day Spa

of Oviedo




Mon 9am-3pm

Tues 9am-2pm

Wed -Fri 9am-8pm

Sat 9am-5pm

Sunday Closed


1984 Alafaya Tr

Suite 1012

Oviedo, FL

How We Are Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time and we are all adapting with the changes among us.  We value every person we touch.  We want you to relax and feel comfortable while you join us in the spa.  Following are the protocols we have in place.

If you have received the COVID-19 vaccine, we are requesting that you wait 7 days before receiving any service so you can monitor any possible side effects.

  • Employees have a daily wellness check

  • Employees wear a mask during service

  • Employees take supplements for a healthy immune system

  • We have a COVID-19 intake form that asks the client specific questions about testing, if they have traveled or been in contact with a positive COVID-19 person.  This is a great line of defense because a spa service would be contraindicated for anyone with a fever or generally not feeling well

  • We allow additional time between appointments to clean and sanitize treatment rooms with medical grade cleaners, including a UV light sanitizer 

  • All laundry is done in the spa with a special virus killing additive

  • All clients receive clean linens – sheets, face cradle cover and blankets. This has always been our practice, but at this time we feel it is important to state it.

  • Front desk cleans all high touch areas (including ink pens and doorknobs) while the client is in service

  • Water is provided after service in a sealed water bottle

  • We do request all clients to wash hands in room before service

  • Service providers wash their hands before and after service in room

  • The spa has tile floors throughout that are easily cleaned and disinfected

  • Each treatment room has an ionizing fan that removes particulates, microbes and odors from the air

  • We have added new services including Chair Massage and Neck & Rosemary Scalp Massage. These services can be provided fully clothed if you are not comfortable disrobing. There is a service for every “Body” to relax, unwind and comfort your soul during these stressful times.

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